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The 2017 / 18 Windermere and Ambleside Lions Club Team


Our 2018/9 El Presidente is Lions Chris Burstow (also the Club’s PR Officer)

Our 2nd in Command is Lion Thia “The Veep” Rawlinson

Past President Lion Philip Fell


Miss Moneypenny was unavailable so our 2017/18 Treasurer is Peter Irvine

Long standing and extremely dedicated Peter has held every position available in the club. Now retired, Peter used to sell commercial vehicles everywhere from Manchester to Carlisle.

Lion Peter Irvine









Our nasty wonderful Secretary for 2017/8 is Lion Chris Amos

The club soon forgave Chris for being a Southerner because of his calm manner and dedicated hard work. He now likes chips and gravy.


Lion Tamer for 2017/8 is Keith Fell

A joiner by trade Keith does much of the heavy lifting for the club. Keith is the kind of guy who will do anything for anyone. The original “Fell-y” Brother to join the Club


Lion Elsie Roberts is the Club’s 2017/18 TailTwister

Our newest members who gives us a fine if she catches us being naughty during meetings! She is very strict! 🙂


Lion Anthony Harrison MJF is Almoner for 2017 / 18

Amazing member of the club – responsible for the annual classic car show – among other things.


Lion Laura “Sponsorship” Courty

Very good at getting blood from stones!


Lion Andrew Irvine


Lion Noel Mackereth is Welfare Chairman for 2017 / 18


Lion Ronnie Wilkinson


Lion Lisa Greasley

Prefers a side profile – just like the Queen on those stamps!

Lion Claire McCulloch

Lion James Davidson